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Even Pastors Are Happy As CNN’s Larry King Retires?

Several pastors are taking deep sighs and smirking as Larry King retires from CNN’s Larry King Live show. The show has in the past left several famous celebrities and pastors red faced. Though critics claim that Larry King asks “soft” questions in comparison to other interviewers, this has not been without a long brigade of pastors getting tongue tied when asked what the Gospel is. Larry’s style has never been offensive, for which I will truly applaud him. It  allows him to reach guests who would be averse to being interviewed.

Ladies and gentlemen without further ado:

CNN says Piers Morgan of “America’s Got Talent” will replace Larry King on the network’s prime-time lineup in January.

Morgan, a veteran journalist who hosts a popular interview program in Britain, will do a similar show for CNN. His selection as King’s replacement had been widely expected for the past few months.
CNN President Jon Klein says Morgan is “able to look at all aspects of the news with style and humor with an occasional good laugh in the process.” -AP

One trick Larry will be leaving behind though is his secret to a good interview. When interviewed on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, King said that the secret to a good interview is to get the guest to talk about him- or herself, and to put oneself in the background.

However one interview that Evangelical Christians would gladly push into the background will be the one with Christendom’s multi million golden calf and “Evangelism’s Rising Star”- Pastor Joel Osteen. It is really easy to see from the answers he gives why ever smiling Joel is the pastor of the Largest Church in America. His Self -help motivational books have drawn widespread appeal among atheists, Hindus and muslims alike. He never condemns sin, doesn’t use the “s” word either and has a long list of positive affirmations up his sleeve.  With Piers Morgan taking over, I wonder, will it be all fun and games or will Larry at least be allowed to leave behind one of those witty questions that never fail to trip smooth talkers, celebrity pastors and pandering prophets? Questions like:  Would you say Jesus is the only way to Heaven?


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