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Why The Church Lost the Culture Wars (via Zwinglius Redivivus)

Why The Church Lost the Culture Wars By Dr Jim West (via Zwinglius Redivivus)

The Church lost on abortion.  Now it’s such a common occurrence that no one even notices that it happens.  And the Church will also lose on the question of gay marriage.  Indeed, the shift has already happened and the majority of the population now support it. So how did it happen that the Church lost on such important social issues? The answer to that question is amazingly and horrifyingly simple: many, too many of those who self identify as Christians are only Christians in name.  Their ethics aren’t determined by their theology- rather their theology is determined by their ethics; ethics which are completely drawn from culture rather than Scripture.  Consequently their behavior and their ideology are mirror images of cultural mores.  A culture which lives for self gratification and self indulgence.

Too many Christians have simply stopped being authentically Christian.  Now they are nothing more than ‘culturally’ Christian.

That’s why the culture wars have been lost and that’s why both the murder of children and the disordering of the divinely ordained relationship between men and women have been abrogated and destroyed.

It isn’t the world’s fault, in other words.  The battle was the Church’s to lose.  And it has.  And now we can ‘enjoy’ the consequences. But that’s what happens when believers lay down on the job.… Read More

via Zwinglius Redivivus


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