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Eat your ‘Chickin’ while you still can.

Looking at the Chick Fil-A saga. There is no timely message than what Paul Washer said a while ago. Listen to this:

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The Background to Paul Washer’s Shocking Youth Message.

How many times will you repeat the sinners prayer?

This is an old sermon clip but it will be worth it just to listen to it once.

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The most terrifying truth of Scripture…

Paul Washer explains the most terrifying truth of Scripture:

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Total Depravity:What is the difference between me and Hitler?

This short clip expounds on the doctrine of total depravity:

A Young Man (No, Not Steve Furtick) Takes on Paul Washer: But I Don’t Understand Election.

Its good to see young men asking profound theological questions and not just follow the entertainment band wagon that most churches and sunday schools adopt to kill time on sundays. A great clip of a young man asking interesting questions:

Many argue that a deep theological understanding gravitates Christians away from Christ. Don’t study too much, as it were. But this argument presupposes that more studying will find things that the person doesn’t like, effectively smashing the ideas they’ve created in their mind about how God should be. In effect, the opposite is true. For those who are called, more study and understanding leads us to more worship of the true God and more facets of Him to adore. ~Andrew Taylor (via Facebook)

Sermon Clip of The Week:The Beauty of Christ

What to Look for in a Good Church

cool, well toned and relevant pastors

One of the most important questions for a Christian after where will I spend eternity and whom shall I marry is what church shall I attend? Well of course if you just need a joint where to spend Sunday morning ‘s hang over then you may as well a steer away from this site. Steer far away.
I was recently asked by a friend how to choose a good church. To be honest it is a head ache. Possibly a migraine of a decision. With the plethora of churches on the high street these days one needs a lot of prayerful patience. You probably won’t find a perfect church but a good solid Biblical church with sound doctrine is indeed a God send. There’s More

Who Prays For The Pastor’s Wife?

In the heat of the battle the dirty sweat drenched and blood furrowed brow of the commander perks up as he peers at his scanty remnant. He has seen his men put up a fierce resistance. The devastating onslaught has been from all fronts. Menacingly sustained at times. The reserves are running low. The platoon is now surrounded. There is no time to reminisce or sleep. Fatigue and final consumption never felt so close. His muddied badge barely sticks to his bosom while a few pips are clearly missing from his right shoulder. Despite the haggard silhouette there is no mistaking the undiminished authority he still wields.  It will be at least a day or two until the 1st Calvary Division would arrive in the eastern skies –if only they would hold on for that long. However if all failed-the platoon had gone through this worst case scenario over and over; the last resort would be to die fighting than be taken in. Read More

Can I Skip My Lunch Break?

This page has been created for that bruised and battered soul who needs to listen to a quick short encouraging evangelical sermon jam during a 5 minute lunch break. Read More