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Asian Games:Bring on the Gospel To China

[pullquote]This is an archive article from 2010.[/pullquote] The second largest multi-sports event second to the Olympics happens to be the Asian Games. This year’s events will be held in China. Looking at a few snippets of the real-time security training tells you that the authorities will not be worried about people just handing out handing out gospel tracts.

simple anti-terrorism drills for chinese army

The Governor of Guangdong Province has demanded that no mistakes are made during the policing of the Asian Games and the police have pledged an ‘all-out effort’ to safeguard the event.

Reports suggest the Guangzhou police authority has already invested 2 billion yuan (£18.7 million) in security for the Games. More than 2.6 million surveillance cameras are also said to have been installed across the city.

The Asian Games are set to take place in Guangzhou between November 12 and 27.  The Chinese government has outlined a number of strict measures set to be introduced during the Games, including fines for anyone caught smoking in public. –The Daily Mail

So with many people wandering about -apparently looking bored after hunting in vain for a smoking haven, this seems to be the perfect setting for witness encounters and evangelism. Who knows this could be the biggest come on that China has ever given to the Gospel. This is a definite nudge.

Take the hint.

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