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Indulgences! Indulgences! They are back and guess who wants them back and why?

If you thought indulgences for the dead ended in the 16th Century with Johann Tetzel think again. Tetzel is remembered for making a lot of money off from naive congregants for the ongoing reconstruction of St. Peter’s Basilica by using the draw string “as soon as a coin in the coffer rings; a soul from purgatory springs”. Well guess what, the Roman Catholic church just made an announcement with a door to absolution…

The announcement in church bulletins and on Web sites has been greeted with enthusiasm by some and wariness by others. But mainly, it has gone over the heads of a vast generation of Roman Catholics who have no idea what it means: “Bishop Announces Plenary Indulgences.”

In recent months, dioceses around the world have been offering Catholics a spiritual benefit that fell out of favor decades ago — the indulgence, a sort of amnesty from punishment in the afterlife — and reminding them of the church’s clout in mitigating the wages of sin.

The fact that many Catholics under 50 have never sought one, and never heard of indulgences except in high school European history (Martin Luther denounced the selling of them in 1517 while igniting the Protestant Reformation), simply makes their reintroduction more urgent among church leaders bent on restoring fading traditions of penance in what they see as a self-satisfied world.

“Why are we bringing it back?” asked Bishop Nicholas A. DiMarzio of Brooklyn, who has embraced the move. “Because there is sin in the world.”

Nice excuse. Poor excuse too. So whose pockets are we lining up next and what are we planning to build next sir? No thanks. I love my 5 Solas.

Salvation by Scripture alone. By Faith alone. By Grace alone. Through Christ alone. For the Glory of God alone.

Bye bye Rome!

Works? Works? A man get to heaven by works? I would as soon think of climbing to the moon on a rope of sand!– GEORGE WHITEFIELD



3 responses to “Indulgences! Indulgences! They are back and guess who wants them back and why?

  1. pstok December 3, 2011 at 23:25

    If we won’t learn from Scripture, then let us learn from history!! Or am I being over indulgent? 😉

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