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Where can a Christian go to have his generational curses broken?

Some people have crept in to Evangelical churches and are stealthily spreading a teaching which has become quite lucrative with its draw strings. They claim that Christians remain cursed until those curses are broken and to have yours broken, you have to part with a hefty sum called “seed money” deposited at the foot of a particular “anointed man”. Furthermore, notes Kato Mivule[ a Ugandan pastor]….


Usually, those who are deemed cursed are the poor, weak, destitute, unemployed, sick, and those facing various challenges of life.

One of the remedies for “breaking” the curse is to give “seed” money to preachers so as to “break” the curse. The teaching has become very popular given the current global economic malaise, that poor Christians will take the little savings they have and “sow the seed” into the ministries of these predatory preachers.

The popularity of these “breaking the curse” teachings caught the attention of media [here is] an article on the subject. The catch phrase that these predatory preachers use is “if you are poor then you are cursed”. Thus many ignorant poor Christians give all they have as “seed money” so as to “break” the curse in hopes of getting a job.

However, the New Testament is very clear when it comes to the subject of being cursed. The only time the New Testament mentions about curses and deliverance is in Galatians 3; the New Testament is very clear that those who are in Christ Jesus have been redeemed from the Curse and by Grace and not works. This means that no one can buy their way out of being cursed by giving “seed money” to preachers for deliverance. Redemption from the Curse is a free gift from God through Jesus Christ by Grace and not works…

Therefore don’t waste your time and money by giving it to predatory preachers who mentally try to sway you that you are cursed. You have been redeemed from all curses in Christ Jesus as a free gift and that comes with your Salvation in Jesus Christ.

Now, this does not mean that you will not go through hard times, yes, you will face challenges in life but that does not mean you are cursed. Jesus Christ suffered and endured, Paul the apostle endured sufferings and difficult times, many Christians have had to endure suffering and pain but that does not mean that they were cursed.

True. Do not waste your money by lining the pockets of these predators! It is often said Christianity is a mile wide but an inch deep in Africa but it should serve as a warning to all Christians who have little zeal for Bible study and understanding the essential tenets of the Christian faith.
Doctrine matters!


6 responses to “Where can a Christian go to have his generational curses broken?

  1. Truth2Freedom July 12, 2013 at 19:05

    Reblogged this on Truth2Freedom's Blog.

  2. therooflesschurch July 13, 2013 at 15:14

    Thanks for sharing this. That seed money is nothing new. I heard it when I was young when we visited other churches. While I do believe that in giving we receive and that contributing to the work of a loving church community is important, I think that seeds must be sown in consciousness. We are all blessed by God–God’s eternal children who believe that we have lost our way. The revelation of Christ–Emmanuel, God with Us–means precisely what the name implies. God is with Us. God is always with Us. The only curse is the one we place on ourselves when we deny the reality of who we are in God for a limited view.

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