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When Staunch Calvinist Meets Arminian Girl…And They fall in Love.

Once in a while I sit awake musing. No, I am through with the silly stuff like how many angels can dance on the head of a pin e.t.c Once in a while its about something I have read especially personal testimonies and conundrums. Like, if two people are poles apart theologically, what happens when they fall in love? Say, a staunch Calvinist dude and a staunch Arminian lady? Impossible, huh?  Well sit back and read on…
I  have been a die-hard Calvinist for approximately sixteen years now. During that time, I have engaged in “debates” with innumerable Arminians in person, via email, or in chat rooms. These debates were rarely moderated or formal affairs—just the typical sort of thing that Calvinists and Arminians find themselves involved in two or three times a week every day (that’s not a typo). In the process of these debates, I think I’ve hit upon just about every topic that could be hit upon in the differences between the Average American Arminian and the Average American Calvinist. Through it all, my beliefs have been strengthened and fortified by iron sharpening iron, and by the confirmation that in the marketplace of ideas, Calvinism has no peer.