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Harold: Mark Those (Like Me) Who Cause Division And Avoid Them!

Following the recent turn of events there has been a surge of interest in (the aberrant) theology of Harold Camping. There is a lot one can learn from his numerologies and false utterances and it all points to becoming more keen in knowing what you believe as a Christian and why you believe it. I will share a small excerpt of from a newsletter from one my favorite radio stations:
Harold Camping began his ministry as a conservative reformed follower. However, smoke started to rise from Harold’s ministry as he refused to sit under anyone’s authority. We should have known there was a fire burning.
As the years passed, Harold, a civil engineer, incorporated strange numerology and allegorical interpretations to his teachings. As is almost always the case, when a teacher starts to lean left, their trajectory rarely corrects back to the center, it veers more radically left. And so it goes with Harold Camping.
It is not uncommon to hear Harold tell his followers, “Never before have you heard a teaching like this.” Read More…