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Phil Johnson finally hangs up his blogging gloves (without kicking or screaming)!

There are few bloggers who pull no punches. Honesty and truth are character traits that are rare to come across in the post modern world we live in. I have come to learn a lot from  bloggers of the yester year. Most especially those who have taught me a lot on theology (reformed theology) and have kept the seduction of the culture wars at bay. I salute bloggers like Jim Bublitz(Old Truth), Mike Spencer (Internet Monk) who stood at the pulpit of the modern day Areopagus (blogosphere) and boldly proclaimed what they believed. They may be gone from blogging for now but their fire still burns for the Lord.

Lately I have come to love another blogger who pulls no punches. Phil Johnson’s writings and his input on several things have been known to have pyrotechnics! I have more than once featured his posts on this blog. And just when I was beginning to anticipate his next post, guess what he has done? Yup, he is officially unplugging and retiring from blogging and all social media. You see, Phil recently revealed….

Today was my 59th birthday (11th July) . In other words, I’m now officially in my 60th year. Last week I did some careful reflecting; I also did some calculating; and it was—how shall I say this?—unsettling. Convicting. Alarming. In the very best case, I figure I might have a decade and a half of productive full-time labor left. Looking back on the past 15 years, I realize that’s a very brief time. I want to make the most of it.

Thursday my doctor confirmed what I was beginning to think: I need to cut out everything non-essential in my life that causes stress without giving me any cardiovascular benefit. I hate when geriatric patients recite the details of their medical reports, so let’s just say that the doctor was serious: It’s time for me to stop burning the candle at both ends. Darlene emphatically affirmed that diagnosis. Everyone who loves me is likewise in hearty agreement.

So: (gladly, with no reluctance whatsoever) I’m officially retiring from blogging, social media, and every other activity that intrudes on things that ought to be the real priorities in the final two decades of a man’s life. …Read More!


The Easter story re-told in real time using social media.

I thought this was interesting:

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