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Pat Robertson – Crack in Washington Monument Could Be a Sign from the Lord.

News paper exegesis is lucrative. Whenever an event occurs any where in the world there will always be a so called prophet or seer who will begin drawing crowds claiming he has got inside information direct from God about the event.   Recently there was an earth quake in Washington and a monument got cracked. Now a whole host of televangelists and religious commentators are sleepless speculating. And the big question is….

Were the cracks in the Washington Monument really a sign from God? 

If it was, one professor believes that just as much as it was a warning to unbelievers, it was equally, if not more, a message to believers and the church today.

Responding to televangelist Pat Robertson’s end time theories posed last week surrounding the cracks in the long-standing monument, Professor Robert Crosby delved further into the suggestion, which has been criticized and ridiculed by many.

“Could the crack in the Washington Monument be a sign, or a message, to us from God? Could it be a wake up call?” repeated the Florida professor on Patheos.com. “It seems that the question at hand is one worth considering…regardless of Robertson’s postulations…” …Read More!