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I think the ‘Garden of Eden’ was in Uganda…

Yup, you guessed it right -I am back from Uganda! I’m back from my short trip to Uganda. Surely how did I survive the tears of the kids at the airport on the last day as we left one of the most green, leafy and exquisitely beautiful and enchanting countries in Africa? No wonder every body I went with wanted to ‘lose’ their passports and stay some more (Ha!Ha! Shauna!).

I must say (of course I am biased) that Uganda is truly the ‘pearl of Africa’ as Sir Winston Churchill once said. My trip back to Kampala was rather short and nostalgic. The kind that lingers in the recesses of your mind long after your sobering departure. It has taken me weeks to sit down and write anything about the trip but I thought it would just be better to put up a few photos at  time.

This short slideshow contains photos taken either in Kampala or Arua in Uganda.

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Now you know why I think the ‘Garden of Eden’ was in Uganda 😉



Travelling to Uganda for Holiday…

birds ugandaWell I will be travelling to Uganda soon! It was apparently the best bird watching destination for twitchers in 2012 according to Lonely Planet. Uganda’s scenery and wildlife is amazing and draws in many visitors. The country is home to more than 1,000 bird species, which make up over half of the birds in Africa – so says one birding website! Not to mention this natural haven was once described by Sir Winston Churchill as “the Pearl of Africa”. Okay, enough of the plug…typing such long sentences in my pseudo feverish current condition makes me want to here and scream -“Ouuuch!” You see, I have just had a couple of vaccination jabs and my raw deltoids are a mixture of muscle fibre and punture wounds from yellow fever attenuated viral loads and typhoid antibodies.

The preparation process for travel to Uganda is almost going according to military precision as I haven’t been to Africa in a while. I have recently had nightmares of old foes called “Malaria terror squads” flying in the bellies of helicopter-like mosquito drones and they keep singing and buzzing “Welcome back! Welcome back!” My misery comes to an end as I awake in cold sweat in March. Looking outside it’s all snowed up outside in the English countryside and if it’s any consolation I am just happy that it wont be snowing in Uganda!

A couple of things I plan to be doing – I have a photography challenge that I managed to modify and adapt from an on line source that any one can download here. It is riddled with tasks and challenges of different photographs to take like 10 portraits of strangers, a shot of a dinner plate and a close up shot with detail and composure e.t.c While for the kids I have designed a Uganda Kids Challenge -this contains investigative activities that you can download and adapt for any travel trips.

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London in the Twinkling of an Eye!

Traveling to Central London is always a main event for me. Traveling to London with a camera is Epic! It is by far the most beautiful city in the world  (okay,  after Zurich and Constance in Switzerland!). I tried to spend my spare time snapping away at a few items of historical interest. Time was against me and the sun was racing down over the horizon. This is what I came up with:

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You can look for West Minster Houses of Parliament, Statues of Winston Churchill,  Abraham Lincoln, King George IV, Nelson Mandela, Nelson’s Column (in Trafalgar Square), Entrance to The Mall, Queen’s guards, The London Eye, a spiral water fountain at St Bartholomew’s Hospital.

Back to usual blogging soon.

Piper Finally Breaks His Silence on His Leave And Winston Churchill

This is an archive post from 2010. In the Evangelical spheres there are probably few people who have more sermon jams than Dr John Piper. He as an excellent communicator has had his sermons replayed, edited and reposted by many of the younger generation. Though commanding a lot of respect from his peers and younger generation, his latest self imposed sabbatical from work drew more raised eyebrows than raised elbows of approval. And what,

What Would Winston Churchill Do?

The Britain of today is a far cry from the Britain of the yester years. If Sir Winston Churchill walked the streets of London today he would find a warm unhealthy pile of urine mixed with graffiti on his statue. No, it’s not the Germans who sneaked in over night. It is the University students who have run amok. The crème de la crème of the country have brilliantly thought that this act of anarchy can bring some sense to those who see it wise to tweak their tuition fees. But that’s not all: Read More