A Twisted Crown of Thorns ®

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Can I Skip My Lunch Break?

This page has been created for that bruised and battered soul who needs to listen to a quick short encouraging evangelical sermon jam during a 5 minute lunch break.

1. 7 Miles

2. Church Growth

3. Treasuring Him

4. Doctrines In The Last Days…

5. The Wrath?

6. UnAshamed

7. Got The Word of Faith

8. Love For Christ

9. Died in Our Place

10. Depraved and Decieved

11. Ten Point Test

12. Scripture Memorisation

13. Which Way To Heaven?

14. How Do You  Know You are Saved…

15. Innoculated to Gospel

16. Prosperity Gospel

17. Sin

18. False Teachers

19. Death

20. The Prayer That Damns Many…

21. Are You a Bad Person

This page will be updated regularly; keep checking for more sermon jams. But more than ever search the scriptures and see if what is preached is true. Examine your selves and see if you are in the faith. (2 Cor 13:5)


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