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Blogging As a Form Of Worship

Blogging is fun. Blogging can also be a special way of chronicling the wonders of God’s providence in our lives. But what if after learning koine Greek, after acquiring the latest Bible Works software for exegesis and coolest 3-D blogging sensation we reach a place where we no longer devote the ink well of our hearts to graceful pursuit of God?

But we are Christian bloggers you say. Just a moment. In Exodus 3 Moses’ immediate reaction to the burning bush was to say, ” I will go over and see this strange sight,” and then to approach it. God immediately opposed his resolution: “Do not come any nearer. Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground” (Exod. 3:5). We should learn from the divine announcement, as Donald Macleod writes, that:

God is not simply a great sight, the object of speculative curiosity. The revelation of His glory and the whole theological process which legitimately follows from it is holy ground. We cannot stand as superiors over God or His Word. We may not coldly and detachedly analyse and collate the great self- revealing deeds and utterances of Jehovah. We may not theologise without emotion and commitment. The doctrine must thrill and exhilarate. It must humble and cast down… theology has lost its way, and, indeed its very soul, if it cannot say with John, “ I fell at his feet as dead.” (Rev. 1:17)   ~Donald Macleod, Behold Your God

Don’t let blogging about God become a mundane task. Let that zeal be as an unquenchable burning fire shut up in thy bones. May it thrill to the uttermost, more than an Ephesian first love.


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