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One more reason why pagans don’t take Christianity seriously

When pagans see the irreverence that goes on in some circles of Evangelicalism it gives them more impetus to laugh the name of God to scorn. Surely when we call our selves ‘Christ-like’ or ‘Christian’ and make a false representation of who or what God is, don’t we bear or take the name of our God in vain? Blasphemy was the word I was looking for. And it’s the same word that comes to mind when I hear people want to  ‘crank dat holy ghost’.

No. I am actually thick skinned and I am used to being laughed at but I get grieved when my God is mocked and reduced to an irreverential pile and laughing fodder by some one claiming to be representing Him.  😦

We need more solid doctrinal teaching in the youth ministries than motivational self esteem pep talks, pizza parties and talent shows. Otherwise our young people are heading the same way as rank paganism. Wait till you see what they will be cranking up next in church.


2 responses to “One more reason why pagans don’t take Christianity seriously

  1. Truthinator March 20, 2012 at 14:59

    Great post. There is a difference between being mindful of the culture and being destroyed by your desire to be accepted by it. This is a serious issue because many preachers have found the latter state. Thanks for being in the battle for the faith, Michael.

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