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And God shall give thee the desires of your heart…

Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart. Psalms 37:4

It’s summer time in London. One way to know it is that time of the year is when you see the Arab aristocracy descending into central London and splashing a little money. Okay, a lot of money. This year the Ramadan gold rush has brought Bugatti Verons, Lamborghinis and many other super cars to Oxford street.
Some one asked, ‘Does it mean that the oil reach Arabs are more godly than the rest of us lesser mortals? How is it that they have been given the stuff of which mortal dreams are made of? Well, listen to this…

And delight thyself in Jehovah This delight is set in opposition to the vain and deceitful allurements of the world, which so intoxicate the ungodly, that despising the blessing of God, they dream of no other happiness than what presents itself for the time before their eyes. This contrast between the vain and fickle joys with which the world is deluded, and the true repose enjoyed by the godly, ought to be carefully observed; for whether all things smile upon us, or whether the Lord exercise us with adversities, we ought always to hold fast this principle, that as the Lord is the portion of our inheritance, our lot has fallen in pleasant places, as we have seen in Psalm 16:5, 6. We must therefore constantly recall to our minds this truth, that it can never be well with us except in so far as God is gracious to us, so that the joy we derive from his paternal favor towards us may surpass all the pleasures of the world.

Calvin’s Commentary.


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