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Woman tambourine player tasered during church service

I have always thought that the highlight of a church gathering should be the preaching and exposition of the word. If there is any worship or exhortation it should be reverential and it should be done in order as the bible admonishes. No? However….

20120702-181834.jpgEDMOND, Okla. — [50-year-old Vickey Sue Beyersdorfer] apparently went a bit too far.
Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Department Spokesman Mark Myers said, “Nobody could pay attention to the sermon or what was going on so that’s when our deputy was able to take care of the situation.”
The religious ruckus happened at Victory Church at 1515 N. Kelly Ave in Edmond.
A woman was apparently playing a tambourine too loudly during Wednesday night services.
When she refused to stop, the woman was escorted out by an off duty Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Deputy.
Myers said, “He had to physically escort her outside the church. Once outside, she broke free from the deputy and tried to go back inside, there became a physical confrontation.”
According to the arrest report, the deputy was forced to pepper spray and tase the unruly woman.

Myers said, “She was not filled with the Holy spirit. She was not being very Christianly and this is why the folks decided to get her out as soon as possible.”
Witnesses said the combative Christian was staggering and had slurred speech.

Again I would say, it is important that we prepare ourselves even before we get to church. Pray that
your mind will not wander. Pray that you will receive the word that is preached with clarity. Pray that the preacher will not focus on himself or deviate from God’s word.
Yeah, pray for the tambourine players and “worship leaders” that they too will not get carried away by esoteric experiences “in the name of the Lord” thereby bringing the name of the Lord to ill repute.
One of the greatest forms of worship is earnestly listening to the exposition of the scriptures by the preacher or pastor.

Further, nothing fosters mutual love more fittingly than for men to be bound together with this bond: one is appointed pastor to teach the rest, and those bidden to be pupils receive the common teaching from one mouth…. The Lord has therefore bound His church together with a knot that He foresaw would be the strongest means of keeping unity, while He entrusted to men the teaching of salvation and everlasting life in order that through their hands it might be communicated to the rest…Christ has so ordered in His church, that if it (i.e., the pure preaching of the gospel) is removed the whole edifice must fall. -Calvin’s Institutes


7 responses to “Woman tambourine player tasered during church service

  1. evanlaar1922 July 2, 2012 at 18:40

    For sure…bit surprised though that you chose to quote from Calvinist material as opposed to God’s Word…

    • Acidri July 2, 2012 at 19:38

      I do not know what you intend imply by that but I thank you for pointing that out. I usually use several quotations from scripture, writings from early church fathers, reformers and Christian creeds and confessions of faith in context with topic at hand.
      Oh some times I also use secular quotations too…sometimes as satire to demonstrate folly of the wise of this age.

      • evanlaar1922 July 2, 2012 at 20:50

        yeah – no implication – it was such a strong and great article that Christians need to hear that I was disappointed with the affirmation coming from a denominational/theological slant as opposed to God’s Word – so maybe, just maybe, if someone is not from a Calvinist perspective, they may disregard such an important post containing everything that God desires from us.

      • Acidri July 2, 2012 at 21:21

        Thank you Evan. Incidentally I do not write to be popular nor to impress people. I do state on the blog banner that I am a Christian and write from a Reformed perspective.

      • evanlaar1922 July 3, 2012 at 01:52

        that makes sense – sorry, missed that 🙂

      • Acidri July 3, 2012 at 14:16

        Well, that said, I must indicate here that you are right about the importance of scripture. Thank you for pointing that out. All men, creeds and works of men are fallible. The word of God is inerrant and infallible and will always be the standard by which we are to live to attain Sanctification in this life. Thanks once again! 🙂

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