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Doing your best when they are still young.

Parenting is never easy. From potty training to seeing them walk down the aisle as they get married off every moment seems to pass very quickly. I am probably the slowest of learners. To my advantage I learn something new every day.  Today I will share something that I came across. Here is a failure that will haunt every mother, father and guardian:
You [fail] yourselves by leaving your children in a state of ignorance, for you heap upon yourselves the consequences of their sins as well as your own. When a child breaks one of God’s commandments, it is his sin; but it is also the father’s if he never taught the child what the commandment of God was. Wicked children become heavy crosses to their parents. When a father or mother must trace the source of wickedness to his or her neglect in training the child, cross is laid upon cross and the load becomes unbearable. Can there be a greater heartache in this life than to see your own child running full speed towards hell, and know that you were the one who outfitted him for the race? Oh, do your best while they are young and in your constant care, to win them to God and set them on the road to heaven.
Most important, you fail God when you rear an ignorant child. Scripture tells of those who hold the truth in unrighteousness. Among others, this includes parents who lock up the knowledge of salvation from their children. Where is the parent who will rob his own son’s house? Yet this is what you do if you neglect his spiritual education. For you keep in your own pocket the gold talent that God intended for you to give your child. If you leave no godly inheritance, what will happen when you die, and the truth of the gospel is buried along side rotting bones?
If you are God’s child, then your children stand in closer relationship to the heavenly Father than the children of the unbelievers. God depends on you to nurture them as you have been nurtured, and to protect them at all costs from the devil’s education. Training your children up in the ways of the Lord is no casual suggestion. Your refusal to obey, whether the product of deliberation or neglect, will pay you bitter wages when you stand before the King of kings in the judgment.
Oh yes folks, do your best while they are young and in your constant care, to win them to God and set them on the road to heaven. Do your best!

2 responses to “Doing your best when they are still young.

  1. Pieter Stok January 9, 2012 at 23:52

    Thanks. Prov 22:6 was true 3000 years ago and it is still relevant today.

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