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Wiersbe on Calvinism


Warren Wiersbe’s Commentaries are such a wealth of Biblical teaching broken down into simple mouth sized chunks that one can nibble on endlessly. Well, okay I really like them. Take for example when it comes to dealing with the doctrine of God’s Unconditional election:

This miracle [the new birth] all began with God: we were chosen by the Father (Eph. 1:3-4). This took place in the deep counsels of eternity, and we knew nothing about it until it was revealed to us in the Word of God. This election was not based on anything we had done, because we were not even on the scene. Nor was it based on anything God saw that we would be or do. God’s election was based wholly on His grace and love. We cannot explain it (Rom. 11:33-36), but we can rejoice in it.
‘Foreknowledge’ does not suggest that God merely knew ahead of time that we would believe, and therefore He chose us. This would raise the question.’Who or what made us decide for Christ?’ and would take our salvation completely out of God’s hands. In the Bible, ‘to foreknow’ means ‘to set on’s love upon a person pr persons in a personal way.’

It is used this way in Amos 3:2: ‘You only have I known of all the families of the earth.’ God set His electing love on the nation of Israel. Other verses that use ‘know’ in this special sense are 1 Corinthians 8:3, John 10:14, 27; Matthew 7:23; and Psalm 1:6.
But the plan of salvation includes more than the Father’s electing love; it also includes the work of the Spirit in convicting the sinner and bringing him to faith in Christ. The best commentary on this is 2 Thessalonians 2:13-14. Also, the Son of God had to die on the cross for our sins, or there could be no salvation. We have been chosen by the Father, purchased by the Son, and set apart by the Spirit. It takes all three if there is to be a true experience of salvation.

Excerpt from Who’s that preacher?


4 responses to “Wiersbe on Calvinism

  1. DES June 17, 2014 at 07:30

    CHRIST died for the sins of the WHOLE WORLD. I exercised my free will when I repented and was born again .THOSE who are lost also made a decision to reject salvation.

    • doulos of Christ July 27, 2021 at 22:39

      Sad, that so many folks professing to be adopted children of God, would waste so much valuable time running around the Internet taking potshots at everyone who they believe disagrees with them on their personal efforts in becoming saved – never seeing that their own ego and sense of self (pride) is so tantamount and fragile that they waste all their days raging about who they are, rather than glorying in who He is, and this providing a reflection of His light to the world around them.
      Get over yourself brother, stop pounding your chest and glory in belonging to Him – or does your ego reject you (as a saved person) being owned by God as well?

      • Believer September 13, 2022 at 18:18

        It’s sad God wants you to have assurance and that you feel it’s prideful to boast about Christ in your testimony. We love, build up and share as we were commanded to do. Be happy as you welcome brothers and sisters into the kingdom. For Christ has accepted them and who are you to judge another man’s servant. It’s before God he falls or stands.

  2. Gregory D George December 19, 2016 at 10:39

    Who wrote this?

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