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The Paralympic Games should make us re think Abortion Laws


The beauty and legacy left by the Olympic and most especially Paralympic games has moved a couple of people to rightly ask if we could all re think abortion laws.

James Parker, who [was] serving as a chaplain at the Paralympic Games, contrasted existing abortion laws – which permit abortion if the baby is likely to be seriously handicapped – with advertising for the Paralympic Games praising the abilities of Paralympians.

20120912-103111.jpgHe told Vatican Radio: “What is astounding is that Britain is enabling the eyes of the world to be opened to the giftedness and potential of those with disabilities through its hosting of the Paralympic Games.

“However, its own laws vehemently and shockingly discriminate against any new life in the womb that might possibly be affected by a physical handicap, genetic problems or a mental defect.”

Other bloggers too agree with the concept. I too believe in the sanctity of human life. I think all life is precious whether in utero, neonatal, young or old, maimed or whole, senile or sane. Man is made in the image of God, Imago Dei, which must be respected and valued as life with the breath of God in it. Only God alone has the express right to take away life and He does this in His own Sovereign time.
Dear God help us to revere you, for therein we shall understand your works.


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