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Africa: Tackling witchcraft and sorcery in the church

Sangomas, Umthandazeli and Umprofethi are common names used in South Africa for the local go-betweens or witchdoctors that mere mortals need to approach so as to discern the will and favour of God.

In this episode, Blaque Nubon of  The Gospel Coalition Africa (TGC Africa) digs deeper into the practice of witchcraft and use of these go-betweens and how ingrained it is in many churches in Africa. Saneliswe Jobodwana tells of her testimony and journey to grace and true freedom in Christ as she speaks about witchcraft in the church.

Saneliswe unpicks the difference between a Sangoma, where there is no mention of Christian worship, and Umthandazeli or Umprofethi who have the Bible open and work hand in hand with the “Man of God” in many African Churches. These mediators interact closely with the Ancestors in an attempt to reach God.

One of the greatest challenges as a Christian is coming to terms with family divisions over witchcraft in the church or Ancestor Worship in general. Saneliswe and Blaque both share how their deepening commitment to Christ came with major breakdowns in relationship between them and both their fathers. This is not unusual in the African Christian experience.


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