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Are there any Egalitarians when a mouse gets loose in a room?

A very interesting article looking at mice. Okay, its not really about mice but I wont tell you till you read through.

Imagine this scene: you are enjoying an evening dinner party at your home. All of a sudden a mouse scurries across the floor parting the room like the Red Sea. The men jump up on their chairs and begin screaming for someone to get the intruder. One of the ladies puts down her appetizer plate and calmly grabs the broom and corals the little varmint. The disaster has been averted.

Is there anything wrong with this scene? …Duh, Read More!

Poor Mark’s Back in The Repentance Corner.

Pastor Mark Driscoll was the subject of discussion in many blogs recently. I will not repeat the issues of contention (and neither will I link to them) but it seems the elders in his church have taken him to the wood shed and left him with a flea in his ear, he is now in the repentance corner…again.

Repentance Corner?

I then put a flippant comment on Facebook, and a raging debate on gender and related issues ensued. As a man under authority, my executive elders sat me down and said I need to do better by hitting real issues with real content in a real context. And, they’re right. Praise God I have elders who keep me accountable and that I am under authority.

The question that some circles will always keep bringing up is: What else shall we do in order to reach a generation weaned on Ultimate Fighting, South Park, and hip-hop?

At least one excuse has been scrawled off the wall -thanks to Mark. When talking to men about church, no more doodling and twiddling thumbs about macho bible heroes as draw strings like David being “a warrior king who started killing people as a boy and who was also a songwriter and musician”.

Just preach the gospel, Mark. It is still the power of God for salvation both for the blue and  white collared guys…and the effeminate ones too.