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Hi…I have a problem and I need help.

This is usually  the last sentence that an addict will usually say before they are willing to get help. Those of you who have family members struggling with alcohol, drugs or other forms of addiction (and yup, sin too) know what I mean. This week (again) I have had to see some one I love go through denial after denial that they are struggling. Watching these 3 clips of Jeff Allen’s story and his struggles with alcohol and later coming to repentance and faith in Christ have been quite refreshing in a way.

Part 1:

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Depression: Who Does A Pastor Confide in?

While the list of considerations for pastors facing depression far exceeds what can be covered in a single article, here is a piece featured by Gospel Coalition that serves as a good guideline…

1.If married, have you shared this struggle with your spouse?

Men in general tend to wrestle with transparency when it comes to personal struggle. When depression is involved, fear of appearing weak or less spiritual might incline a husband toward silence and isolation. …Read More!