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What to Preach at An Unbeliever’s Funeral Without Flinching.

Just got my latest (and yes, smokin’ hot) copy of the month’s Table Talk Magazine. The topic that has caught my attention is the one that causes the greatest of fears upon most pastors. Harry Reeder III has an interesting article that asks:

How do you preach the gospel at funerals for unbelievers? First, you must be committed to doing it. Second, you have to be compassionate while doing it. The implications will be obvious to any who listen what you are thoughtfully yet pointedly saying about the gospel. The eternal state of the unbeliever who has died is revealed by the truth of the gospel. Let’s be clear. We  are not called to make pronouncements about a person’s soul any more than we are allowed to make false assurances concerning his eternal state. …Read More!