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Marriage, Polygamy and Unions: Who Defines Morality And The Limits?

If we define morality…no, if man re-defines morality then the boundaries become elastic and nebulous . Speaking of which the recent agenda in many countries to redefine marriage seems have gone off on a tangent….

marriageThe politician who masterminded the gay marriage campaign in Holland says that ‘group marriage’ is now being discussed in the country.  Boris Dittrich, a former Dutch politician, gave a video interview about how he successfully introduced gay marriage.

He said, “there is now a discussion in the Netherlands that sometimes people want to marry with three people and maybe even more.


“But that’s the beginning of something completely new and that will take a lot of years I guess.”

He was speaking to a French gay news agency, and he revealed that he softened public opinion to gay marriage by first introducing registered partnerships. He said, “we thought it might be psychologically better to first introduce registered partnerships”.


It was a good decision, he said, because people got used to legally recognised gay unions and called them gay marriages. The next logical step was to introduce full gay marriage by law, he said. Now he admits there are discussions about marriage for more than two people.

Three-way relationships have already been recognised in Holland, under a “cohabitation agreement”. …Read More!