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Home Schooling: Is It The Time To?

I do applaud parents who have brought up their children through formal public schooling as much as home schoolers who have faithfully overseen the educative process of imparting knowledge.  The process of education is never complete until a child knows about God. Hasn’t it been said that man’s chief end  (as the Shorter West Minister catechism rightly states) is to glorify God  and to enjoy him forever. Recently, following a very graciously encouraging meeting with a couple of Christian home schooling fathers and mothers I realised I have never featured an article on home schooling even though it is on the rise (oh yes and see here too) despite all myths.

I know it is usually said that you can tell how naïve somebody is about home schooling when they ask two questions. The first is whether a parent is qualified to teach their child, and the second and possibly biggest question to   home schoolers everywhere is about socialization. Well we actually went beyond those two questions this time as we enjoyed the sights and scenes of serene Welish countryside of Cefn Lea.  So as a primer into the realm of Christian home schooling I have decided to feature this article:

Home School

As responsible parents in the midst of educating our children, the time has arrived when we must ask ourselves several questions. Most concerned and involved parents grapple over issues regarding the size of the classrooms, peer pressure, the personality of the teacher, the safety of the school environment, sports programs, etc. These indeed are practical concerns. But the time has arrived to start asking more underlying questions that will affect the very moral development and character shaping of our future generations. It is time to consider the bigger picture. Read More