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10 reasons why over-programming may not be good for your church.

20120705-170210.jpgJared Wilson has come to appreciate the “simple church” concept, but that has not been without set backs as he faced the daunting task of under-programming the church he pastors. We are all usually inundated with endless opportunities for activity from other churches, advertised “movements” local and national (which are good at getting people excited and distracted), and “good ideas” from our own community (which we are reluctant to deny lest we break someone’s heart). But Jared rightly notes that what all this so often amounts to is a church that is merely busy, and busy does not always equal diligent or faithful. I love these 10 reasons to under program a church.

1. You can do a lot of things in a mediocre (or poor) way, or you can do a few things extremely well. Craig Groeschel has some good things to say about this subject. Also check out Thom Rainer and Eric Geiger’s Simple Church, a book not without its weaknesses but with a strong premise.

2. Over-programming creates an illusion of fruitfulness that may just be busy-ness. A bustling crowd may not be spiritually changed or engaged in mission at all. And as our flesh cries out for works, many times filling our programs with eager, even servant-minded people is a way to appeal to self-righteousness.

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