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The London Riots: The Whole Truth With No Ifs And No Buts!

The scenes of chaos, civil disobedience and looting that descended upon the beautiful picturesque city of London shocked all communities far and wide. Many gave excuses for the abhorrent behaviour. Others just wanted issues swept underneath the carpet with a stiff upper lip. But the question that was on every one’s lips was, “where did it all go wrong?” Some answers were truly thought provoking

[The Bishop of London said] “background to the riots is family breakdown and the absence of strong and positive role models”.

And Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks, writing in The Times newspaper, said: “Too much of contemporary society has been a vacation from responsibility.”

He commented: “Children have been the victims of our self-serving beliefs that you can have partnerships without the responsibility of marriage, children without the responsibility of parenthood, social order without the responsibility of citizenship, liberty without the responsibility of morality, and self-esteem without the responsibility of hard work and achievement.”

Mr Lammy MP warned that in areas like his there is, “none of the basic starting presumption of two adults who want to start a family, raise children together, love them, nourish them and lead them to full independence”.

He continued: “The parents are not married and the child has come, frankly, out of casual sex …Read More!

London in Pictures: The Calm After the Storm.

As several areas in London sober up, the grim reality now begins to sink in. The looting and violence was senseless. Now begins the hardest part -rebuilding from ashes. 

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My prayer is that communities in Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool will come to see the rationale behind settling down.

Pictures: London’s Burning, London’s Burning…London’s Burnt. Over!

London: They came, they saw, they took and …they left.

First Tottenham in North London...

Lockdown in Enfield (North London)

…More Pictures!