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A Lesson to Remember from St. Patrick the Evangelist.

In Britain today St. Patrick’s day is well known for being a day when you get bombed out on booze till you can’t feel your knees. It’s almost a pagan holiday of sorts. But who was St. Patrick? And one thing, was he (umm) a leprechaun? Let’s get Moore to the Point….

In his volume, St. Patrick of Ireland: A Biography, Philip Freeman, a professor of classics at Washington University in St. Louis, lays out a compelling portrait of Patrick, the theologian-evangelist. In accomplishing this, Freeman attempts to reconstruct Patrick’s cultural milieu—that of a world that had “ended” with the fall of Rome in 410 A.D. This collapse of Roman power had unleashed savagery in the British Isles, as thieves and slave-traders were unhinged from the restraining power of Caesar’s sword. Patrick’s ministry was shaped by this new world, not least of which by Patrick’s capture and escape from slavery. …Read More!