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The Sparrow’s Guide to Prosperity Gospel

Fear not, therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows. Matt 12:31 ESV

Look at the sparrows, they neither sow...

Is faith in God alot more difficult these days? Afterall there are more self help gurus, life enhancement talk show hosts, pastors, life coaches and pastors who prefer to be called life coaches. Where do you find comfort, hope and faith to endure in times of despair?

I was flipping through the Christian Best Seller List the other day. Well don’t blame me. I was just simply pondering what my fellow sheep were mauling in their green pastures and by their quiet streams. The CBA Best-Seller and category top-seller lists are compiled from actual sales in Christian stores as reported through CROSS: SCAN. I believe a comprehensive list like this should beable to give one a general feel of christendom’s latest trends and fads. Iam so naive about this post modern christian world; I must confess I had hoped to see  a chart busting title like ” A Guide to Street Evangelism” or “Evangelism in the work place or bus stop” or “Witnessing on the Train Made Easy”. Well, umm…in no particular order here are a few titles in the top twenty CBA Best Seller List: The Shack Read More