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Ted Haggard: How Low Can You Go?

It seems I am always the last one to hear of trends in Evangelicalism. Just when I was thinking the new year is going to be tranquil and serene. Then prime time news spits out the most repulsive of headlines. It beggars belief that men who should be exegeting the word of God and teaching with zeal and fervour seem to be bent on spitting in the face of morality and bending every norm so as to improve the ratings of a television network (or is it spreading their ministry). Speaking of which, it seems Ted Haggard is making loads of friends and promising to please network affiliates who have never hesitated to sign up a wily ‘hireling shepherd’ willing to make fun twiddling his rod and staff for pagans to laugh at. Read More

'Cured' Pastor Ted Haggard Now Has A Rethink About Marriage

Hardly a week goes by without Ted appearing on television. Hoping from endless talk show to talk show, he has also launched a reality television show about the gospel. No sorry about -you guessed right-himself. At every turn he seems to be drawing in the ratings for anyone who is willing to have a pandering prophet. Not only are non-Christians raising eyebrows at his antics. Why, wasn’t this the once a herculean stalwart for conservative Christian values? Now he has apparently back peddled on some of his original beliefs. This metamorphosis can best be described by Ted himself:

In a cover story for gay glossy The Advocate, Rev. Ted Haggard now says he favors gay marriage.

Haggard is the evangelical pastor who ran afoul of his Denver congregation after admitting to a three-year pay-for-sex affair with male prostitute Mike Jones. Immediately after Jones reveled their sexual association in 2006, Haggard denied being gay, saying only that he had committed “sexual immorality.” Since that time, Haggard has said he’s undergone intensive counseling. On February 6, 2007, Tim Ralph pronounced Haggard “cured,” adding that Haggard is “completely heterosexual.” Read More

Anointed? Then How About Giving a Shot at Living Like It!

Paul I know.Jesus I know. But who are you?

By Melvin Jones Full Story
I have a question for you:
What’s the difference between the pimps and pimpettes who claim “a great anointing from God” and the rest of us?

Not much, apparently.These guys and gals claim great anointing (which of course they never define in terms other than they’re more spiritual than you unwashed sheeple), and claim to be living in the power of God, and claim to pretty much be plugged right into the holy power source. Then it happens. Read More