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When the BOOM and FLASH of your testimony is remembered more than the gospel.

A very interesting and very dis heartening occurence these days in many churches and among very well meaning Christians is when time for testimonies exceeds time given to listening to the preaching of the gospel. No, testimonies are not wrong. They indeed remind us that God is doing marvellous things in our midst. But it is also good to remember that it is the gospel that saves and not the flashing lights and THE BOOM in the story – however dramatic the experience was.

If our testimonies, our teachings and our lives are centred around the gospel then we will be known as the gospel guys-Christ followers or Christians saved by grace through faith in Christ to the glory of God.
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In My Seat: Pilot Who Missed 09/11 Flight Through Extra Ordinary “Coincidences”.

Some people believe in coincidences but God watches over all events and in His sovereignty controls all things for His purposes and His glory. Watch this closely…