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In My Seat: Pilot Who Missed 09/11 Flight Through Extra Ordinary “Coincidences”.

Some people believe in coincidences but God watches over all events and in His sovereignty controls all things for His purposes and His glory. Watch this closely…

America The Beautiful Bans Clergy, Firemen From NY 9/11 Anniversary

Septembers since 2001 have become  a time period in each year endured by all Americans releasing deep streams of emotions. This September as America marks the 9/11 anniversary things apparently will be alittle different in that it will be disjointed, complicated and abit lukewarm because…

The White House has instructed officials to downplay al-Qaeda’s role in the Sept. 11 attacks, while New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, in order to avoid offending Muslim groups, has decided to exclude clergy and first responders from participating in the 9/11 ceremony this Sunday.

Bloomberg said he decided to exclude clergy and first responders because …Read More!