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The Crossing church’s latest sermon series for celebrities.

I would like to call The Crossing a church but I choke on the word. I think the pastor himself will agree with me it’s more of a social pass time group that meets on Sundays. Nothing on it’s website points to Christ. Not even it’s latest sermon series. (click photo to enlarge)

The Rockstar sermon series is being touted as:

For the legit Rockstar, livin’ the high life means fame, a personal chef & lots of bling. Kinda seems like the rest of us are doomed to livin’ the low life, doesn’t it?
We don’t think so.
We believe God wrote the phrase, “Livin’ the high life” as the anthem to our existence, and He wants us to actually enjoy living!
Check out this series to learn how to start living as a Rockstar.

Wasn’t Paul right when he wrote to young Timothy, saying:

For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. …Read More!


Clueless Worshipers Wake up to Find They Have Been Double Crossed at The Crossing

I have always asked myself, why do cults flourish and exist? The cults exist and prosper because they purport to fill a spiritual vacuum. Our innate rebellion against God, thrusts upon us an inherent reluctance to accept our spiritual condition and return to God in the way He has prescribed.  You see one of the chief reasons people refuse to accept the gospel is because of the way it ruthlessly illuminates the human condition and commands repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Today I am really concerned about a church that has sponged up thousands of disillusioned young people by advertising itself as “the church for people who don’t do church”. One would indeed fill up an auditorium and become a successful mega church with such a promise. But wait a minute

ELK RIVER, Minn. (WCCO) – [Dozens] of families are expected to discuss how they believe a church in the north metro has too much control.

On its website, The Crossing in Elk River states it is “A church for people who don’t do church.”

But, many families said becoming a member comes at too high a cost. Eric Dykstra and his wife Kelly lead The Crossing in Elk River along with three satellite locations. The church is known for its unconventional approach to weekly worship. What started as 40 members six years ago has now grown to more than 2,000.

Katie Kennedy blames the church for taking her son away. She said she started going to the church with her 18-year-old son to support him playing music during the services.

“Down in the pit of my stomach I knew something was terribly wrong in this place. …Read More!