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All Dogs go to Heaven!

Nothing can be as fatal as holding wrong theology. Nothing is as worrisome as being caught with faulty theology by heathens and pagans. Apparently Cher has been listening to a few celebrity “Christian pastors” and she is irked by their lack of Biblical knowledge in basic Christianity!



Word of faith preacher Joyce Meyer gets endorsed by ‘joyful’ RnB star Rihanna.

A recent trend these days in Evangelicalism is to endorse a celebrity and in return a preacher gets publicly affirmed. Another version of this trend is to preach (weak and neutral soppy messages) pandering to people’s feeling and sentiments so as to get recognition. These trends are mostly seen among prosperity and word of faith preachers and broad casters. When prosperity guru T.D Jakes was endorsed by multi millionaire P. Diddy, I saw a few people get excited. They said, “Oh look! Now surely there are going to be multitudes coming to church too after seeing their celebrity in church.” The rationale is usually and sometimes is that the celebrity becomes a draw string to bring people to their church. One ill advised pastor revved up his church by inviting a Hip hop artist to share his pulpit while another mega church pastor invited a popular talk show hostess and on and on the brouhaha goes.

Recently “word of faith” and prosperity teacher Joyce Meyer’s teachings got a public nod from an elated celebrity known for her explicitly raunchy music. Had the message of sin, righteousness and judgement self esteem, health and wealth  struck a chord of contention or agreement?

Rihanna’s spiritual beliefs may have raised questions for some in the past, but the 24-year-old singer is not afraid to admit that she is a fan of Christian minister and author Joyce Meyer.

    This month, the record-breaking Barbadian singer has been using her Twitter account to spread Meyer’s teachings.

    “If Satan can defeat you in your thoughts then he can defeat you anywhere else as well,” reads a message written by Meyer and re-tweeted by Rihanna on June 4.

    To underline her point, the singer sent a tweet to Meyer directly.

    “@JoyceMeyer you’re awesome,” Rihanna told the minister via Twitter on the following day.

    When one of Rihanna’s fans tweeted about Meyer being …Read More!

What Would God Tweet…on Christmas?

Twitter is overall probably best known for its celebrity users and you’ve-seen-me-on-MTVs who discuss and indulge other lesser mortals with gold dust bits of their lives down to the most trivial detail.

It’s a crisp wintry December morning, a few more days and it will be Christmas. Seven days to Christmas to be exact. As the snow falls and blankets the beautiful country side landscapes in Britain, The Daily Mail runs a heart rending story of a said to be distraught mother from Merritt Island, Florida who posted serial messages on Twitter as emergency medical teams tried to resuscitate her dying son. The 30 year old started by sending ‘tweets’ just minutes after her two-year-old was found floating face down in the family’s swimming pool. But There’s More