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Pastor Ed Young brings Hip hop’s Rev Run to Revv up his church.

What do you do when Summer is coming to an end and the cold breeze of Autumn begins to make your dwindling congregation hanker for more novel things to excite them into coming back to church? No don’t tell me you go back to teaching and preaching the bible. When you have a mega church there are is a show to run and you have to be pragmatic creative to keep the numbers up. There was a time when the church grew to maturity by relentless exposition of scripture and sound doctrine. No, not nowadays but you will puke at love the sound of this surely ….

Fellowship Church has announced that Rev Run, will appear live at the church’s Miami campus as part of a teaching series called Run to the House. Rev Run is best known as being a founding member of hip hop group Run DMC, and reality TV star of MTV’s “Run’s House.” Rev has helped break down walls and build bridges between races and cultures through music and fashion.

For Pastor Ed Young, Senior Pastor of Fellowship Church, bringing in Rev Run to share a message of strength, direction and wisdom at Fellowship Church seemed a perfect fit. Rev Run’s humorous outlook on life is something that appeals to everyone.

“There’s no question that Rev Run is a huge influence and phenomenal example to the world. His creativity, boldness and unwillingness to compromise his faith are lessons to everyone. We’re excited to welcome him to Fellowship Church!” – Ed Young

Needless to say if you are “a huge influence and phenomenal example to the world” be on stand by as Pastor Ed Young will be desperately calling you soon. I guess next it will be Lady Gaga and Puff Diddy (sorry if he has changed his name) preaching from this open pulpit.

Good grief!


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