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Has A Kundalini Spirit Infiltrated Christianity?

By Patrick Ersig

I have been looking at the possibility that a Kundalini spirit, possibly the main or head spirit, has masked itself as Christian and infiltrated many charismatic circles and (was) in full operation down in Florida and has worked in past in Toronto and Brownsville. Here is a compilation of some of my findings – I think the similarities are more than coincidence – what do you think?

Serpent Power of the Awakening Kundalini:

In Hinduism there are several forms of yoga (yoking) which all have the goal of giving the practitioner cosmic consciousness and unity with God. [The origins of Kundalini Yoga (sometimes called Raja or roya Yoga) come from the form of Hinduism known as Kashmir Shavism. This form of yoga comes from the Kashmir region of India and the god these Hindus worship is Shiva. Shiva was the Hindu god represented in the movie “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.”

Hindu depiction Of A Chakra:

Wheel of spinning Energy – Kundalini Yoga “the serpent power.”

Sanskrit kund, “to burn”; kunda, “to coil or to spiral”: a concentrated field of intelligent, cosmic invisible energy absolutely vital to life; beginning in the base of the spine as a man or woman begins to evolve in their first incarnation; fed by the chakras along the spine and by the cosmic energy entering through the feet from the earth; as wisdom is earned in each incarnation, this electromagnetic, ultrapotent energy moves slowly upward through the spine; Kundalini is feminine polarity in nature. Sim. (Donning International Encyclopedic Psychic Dictionary, June G. Beltzer, Ph.D., p. 343).

1.  Kundalini in English means “the serpent power.” It is the common Hindu belief that within each person resides a “serpent” coiled tightly up at the base of the spine. Through practicing Kundalini yoga, along with chanting, mediation, and an impartation from the guru one can have their Kundalini Awakened. Kundalini Yoga is the “power yoga” of Hinduism. It is the pathway to supernatural power and godhood. Kundalini Yoga can also lead to mental collapse, psychosis, and demon possession or oppression.

2.  “Asian cultures have used these teachings of the Chakra System for about 4,000 years and it’s only the last approx. 10 years that this information has filtered into the west. Chakra literally translated from the Hindi means ‘Wheel of spinning Energy’. Within our bodies are contained seven major energy centres. They are located within the body in front of the spinal column and are aligned vertically up and down the spine. Each wheel has a colour of the rainbow and vibrates to a musical note… .” (Inner Star Magazine)

3.  Kundalini is at least 1000 years old occult practice. It involves bodily manifestations as a consequence for the “awakening of an individual’s Kundalini” and is related to, for example, Qigong (a Chinese occultic tradition).

4. Kundalini energy is typically described as a powerful energy source lying dormant in the form of a coiled serpent at the base of the human spine. When freed it reputedly has the capacity to effect great physical healings. Christina and Stanislov Grof, New Age authors of the book “The Stormy Search for the Self,” describe how the awakening of Kundalini energy can be triggered by an advanced spiritual teacher or guru. And how the awakening can bring up memories of past psychological traumas. The Grofs state that “individuals involved in this process might find it difficult to control their behavior; during power rushes of Kundalini energy, they often emit various involuntary sounds, and their bodies move in strange and unexpected patterns. Among the most common manifestations … are unmotivated and unnatural laughter or crying, talking tongues … and imitating a variety of animal sounds and movements” (p. 78-79). The Grofs state that “careful study of the manifestations of Kundalini awakening confirm that this process, although sometimes very intense and shattering, is essentially healing” (citing Warren Smith by permission in an article for Spiritual Counterfeits Project entitled “HOLY LAUGHTER or Strong Delusion” (Fall, 1994, Vol. 19.2), p. 14).

Some Kundalini Examples compared to the Lakeland Flordia Healing Revival

Sri Ramakrishna, [1836-1886] represents the very core of the spiritual realizations of the seers and sages of India. “He daily went into ’samahdi,’ a trance in which one involuntarily falls down unconscious and enters a rapturous state of super-conscious bliss (ananda), complete with beautiful visions and often involving astral projection. These states could last anywhere from a few minutes to several days and were often accompanied by uncontrollable laughter or weeping. He could send others into this state with a single touch to the head or chest” (unpublished article by John Rice on file at SPIRITUAL COUNTERFEITS PROJECT), (citing Warren Smith by permission in an article for Spiritual Counterfeits Project entitled “HOLY LAUGHTER or Strong Delusion”, Fall, 1994, Vol. 19.2)

Manifestation of Sri Ramakrishna Kundalini vs. Manifestation of Florida Healing Revival

Watch this Comparison

1. Involuntarily falls down unconscious and enters a rapturous state of super-conscious bliss – SAME AS FLORIDA HEALING REVIVAL

2. Beautiful visions and often involving astral projection – SAME AS FLORIDA HEALING REVIVAL

3. Accompanied by uncontrollable laughter or weeping – SAME AS FLORIDA HEALING REVIVAL

4. He could send others into this state with a single touch to the head or chest” – SAME AS FLORIDA HEALING REVIVAL.

Christians that have flocked in their thousands to Toronto, Brownsville and Lakeland, do not seem to realize that the manifestations at these places are not a “New Move of God,” but in fact, as highlighted in the ‘Kundalini Spirit’ article, have existed for hundreds of years.

Todd Bentley, John Arnott, Rick Joyner and Rodney Howard Browne et al, think they are running with the “New Fire” whilst running across stage, into the crowd, yelling “Bam” and “Fire,”


  • For hundreds years gurus have operated with gifts of healing, miracles, gifts of knowledge and intense displays of spiritual consciousness.
  • For hundreds of years they have connected with a cosmic power which, though demonic in origin, is very real.
  • For hundreds of years devotees have gone forward to receive spiritual experience (Darshan) from a touch by the open palm of the hand, often to the forehead, by the guru in what is known as the Shakti Pat or divine touch.
  • For hundreds of years, as a result of the Shakti Pat, these devotees have had a raising of the spiritual experience also called raising Kundalini……
  • For hundreds of years the manifestations of an awakened kundalini among people of other religions has been exactly the same as the results of being ‘Slain in The Spirit’ in these so called (Holy Laughter) “Revival” meetings.

Test the Spirits — Test all Things

1 Thessalonians 5:21 instructs us to “test [prove] all things”

Read the rest of the article here.


11 responses to “Has A Kundalini Spirit Infiltrated Christianity?

  1. kathy June 24, 2010 at 21:29

    I have often said it was indeed a spirit there – but not the Holy Spirit… They are “familiar” ones, no doubt.

  2. Paul June 25, 2010 at 05:33

    You shall know a tree by its fruits. When these brothers and sisters wake up from these experiences do they portray a changed person ? for it is not possible ot be in God’s presence and remain the same you came in (take Moses example for instance; his countenance did not remain the same).

    Secondly, It is also written that satan and his demons can also portray themselves as angels of light.

    Therefore in some cases satan’s works could come very close to almost resemble the works of God.

    I would not be quick to judge.

    • Acidri June 25, 2010 at 11:39

      Thank you Paul.Experiences and feelings do not affirm sound doctrine. I can come out of a purely demonic rock concert or even dance to a Christian Pop tune and feel elated and deliriously fullfilled but still be far from God. Fidelity to the The word and sound Biblical doctrine should be a bench mark.The trend we see in the Bible is that the easierit is to move away from the gospel and scriptures the easier it is to delve into subtle error and eventually full blown deception and apostasy. I guess what this article is highlighting is that if hindus and cultists are experiencing the same esoteric phenomenon as some christians then could it not be the same spirit afterall some of these practices are not part of traditional biblical doctrine. Are we still preaching and teaching about sin, righteousness and judgement?But how will people listen if they go to church and pass out and have altered state of consciouness during the preaching of the Word? Are we still preaching that salvation is only by repentance and faith alone and Jesus alone?Why should we then emphasize an additional “annointing” of being slain or receiving a euphoric experience?

  3. AAA Jack June 29, 2010 at 01:57

    Rev.6:2, the white horse rider has been released to conquer through deception. Matt.24: spiritual deception (and dark religion) is the first sign of end times. Dan.8:23-25 “He shall cause deceit to prosper under his rule”. Frightening prophecy coming to pass. Pray that the Holy Spirit pours out as prophesied in Isaiah and Joel (as evidenced in Acts) so that the real gifts are manifested in many, especially the Gift of revelations (word of knowledge, word of wisdom, and discerning of spirits as promised in 1 Cor.12).

  4. Acidri's Blog® August 31, 2010 at 17:15

    Just updated the video link to this post.

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  6. Parker April 25, 2011 at 22:29

    I have actually undergone what some would call a kundalini awakening, and here is what I can add.

    First, this is a human experience, not the result of serpent worship. The feeling of the energy was described by the Indians, who did not have the serpent in their religious thinking as the devil, felt like a snake for its slow and gentle movement in the body. It is nothing more than a description for how the energy feels. It is never meant as a literal snake. I would say that the feeling of the energy is indescribable and early Christian mystics described the same awakenings themselves, such as Saint John The Cross and St Theresa of Avilla. In fact, Theresa described an encounter with an angel that was exactly the same as the one that I had during one ecstatic encounter. Also Theresa accurately described each of the chakras, or energy centers in the body which correspond to an aspect of our divine light within. Everything is energy and thus God is pure energy. We were created from God and are finding our way back to that pure state. This is the means that we do this. God did not put the trigger in just certain people, but ALL people. God’s love is without condition, so all are cherished, all are important. I know this can be hard for some who might be brought up to believe that only CERTAIN people are chosen or special. But Theresa wrote at length about her expereince which was titled Entering The Castle. Each room she describes corresponds perfectly with how that level of energy feels in the body. This is not eastern esoteric understanding, but something described by every culture, every person who has gone through this across the span of time and religious thought.

    But the idea of fear does come up, so we deal with it. If you have nothing to fear then the idea of a serpent does not concern you. You are pure of spirit and strong in God’s good grace. This is not something obscure; every being knows right from wrong and its a falsehood to suggest otherwise. People seek to do bad because they wish to work outside of divine law. When we are right within ourselves, no demon or no temptation will phase us. We are just as Jesus was when he was tempted by the devil. We are not moved. By living in Gods grace, or the life force of the divine, we experience kundalini, which is also known by others as an Ecstasy, and an Awakening.

    An altered state of consciousness is also a human state that spans all beings here. When you get beyond the notion that one religions contains the whole truth you actually begin to see God as God is. Many of the Saints who had this ecstatic experience have pointed to this same notion as well, as if by crossing yourself confers some magical or holy power to you. What confers power to you is grace. Grace is in your very being and is your birthright, but its also a choice. We have been taught to get hung up on these little things when what it really is about is LOVE. When we love unconditionally, we do as Christ commanded. It has a life changing effect. A billions years ago God WAS. God WAS before any religion was formed around this deity. God will BE long after we pass from this world (and at the rate that we are defiling creation it might not take us very long to blot ourselves from the planet). After all religions seeking to conceive of what this supreme deity IS God will simply be. Always. Beyond all belief, beyond all dogma, beyond all description, because that is what the experience of God is. It is beyond all description. Everything else is a pale excuse for describing a life changing experience that happens moment by moment.

    May the Light shine with you all.

    • Michael Acidri April 26, 2011 at 03:41

      Parker, thank you for your lengthy answer. I beg to differ. your views of God are not only different from mine but also are completely not in line with what the Word of God (the bible says). There is a way that always seems right to man but the end there of is distruction-and many go by that road. The god you are describing in your discourse appears to be a god you are comfortable with and have have made up attributes for him that you like and removed those that you dont like. Well the bible says this is WRONG. it is a violation of the second commandment which states that one should not make up a false impression of God and not even a likeness of Him. There is only one God and there is only one way to him-through Jesus Christ.

  7. Parker April 27, 2011 at 04:15

    Judge lest ye be judged.

    • Michael Acidri April 27, 2011 at 09:36

      Parker, I know its hard to be corrected especially when you have always had things your way. But what I tell you is what the Bible says. And the test for authenticity is the holy scriptures and not feelings or emotional esoteric experiences.

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