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Urgent: Benny Hinn Promises Greatest Abundance If You Sow Greatest Seed Now

Apparently the embattled ‘anointed’ televangelist Benny Hinn has sent out an urgent SOS newsletter. Things do not look good financially. But hey wait a minute, if you can only sow a seed into his ministry then God will give you and not him “the greatest season of harvest and abundance”.

Due to the expense and losses we experienced during the investigation process, we’ve been forced to cut back on essential ministry outreaches.

And now we will not be able to go on unless we recover our losses and restore the outreaches this ministry must have in place to preach the Gospel to the world.


Our time is running out, and I’ve got to go to the nations now, not later!

I need your help more than ever in two major ways:

1) We need to receive a supernatural recovery of the losses we’ve endured in order for us to see outreaches restored. We must go with speed to get the job done now. I am ready to take off as never before. My heart is full, and I am ready. I’m focused, but I need your help. Will you stand by my side? Will you today? Can I count on you to send the best gift you can?

2) Will you forward this message to your friends—perhaps to partners who left our ministry because they believed false reports? I want to make sure they hear about the victory that has been won, and I want them to be part of the miracle of restoration God has in store for this ministry and for those who plant seed in its secure, fertile soil!

Though we can rejoice over our victory, I am troubled that millions of dollars were spent and lost.

But I believe the God I serve will restore it all!

As you obey him today, I know that I know that I know that it will be the greatest seed you will sow, and that your seed will bring the greatest season of harvest and blessing you have experienced!

Believe with me that 2011 will be your year of recovery and supernatural abundance!

I am also believing that there will be no more losses, total recovery, and total abundance will come your way.

Hey Benny, what if this period of tightening your belt and foregoing some luxuries is a gentle reminder that some people should fore go their expensive lifestyles, luxurious and dubious schemes and become better stewards with their finances or even look to God for his providence? What if this too is a reminder that God did not call Christians to live like the world with arrogance and opulence with little regard for the needs of the starving millions both in and around the church? Worse still what if its because some people are embroiled in prosperity and have little regard for sound biblical doctrine and with more Christians realizing the error in these pyramid prosperity schemes, are walking away and supporting ministries that stick to biblical orthodoxy and preach the gospel?

Come on Benny why should I pursue God just because He will bless me? How about my sin that keeps me far from Him? Will you stoop so low as to get money from any body and any seed sowing scheme as long as it sustains your jet lagged lifestyle?

Did God call us to be successful and prosperous or faithful? Lets just faithfully preach the gospel like Paul, the Apostles and other saints through trials and tribulations for our reward is not on earth but in heaven when the good Lord will say, “Well done my good and faithful servant.”

Unless our treasures are stowed here on earth.


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