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Open Air Preaching: Can I Get a Segway For Ray Comfort?

There are several people who have impacted my life in different ways. God has brought me to listen to very insightful teachings that have shaped me and are continually reforming my personal life in ways I probably cannot illustrate. One or two years ago I was searching for tracts online and I landed on a sermon that has always been an inspiration to me. Hell’s Best Secret by Ray Comfort is akin to Keith Green’s classic song Alseep in the Light-once you listen to them they continue to replay in your mind. They are evangelistic anthems so to speak. If you have ever listened to this sermon, you will agree with me it should be broadcast loud and clear, down every byway and highway, every church yard and barn yard needs to resound with this message. Maybe I should get him a Segway for open airpreaching…or well maybe standing on a good old salt box will just do all the same 😉 [The Transcript: Hell’s Best Kept Secret]

In the late seventies, God very graciously opened an itinerant ministry to me. As I began to travel, I found that I had access to church growth records, and found to my horror that something like 80 to 90% of those making a decision for Christ were falling away from the faith. That is, modern evangelism with its methods is creating something like 80 to 90 of what we commonly call backsliders for every hundred decisions for Christ.

Let me make it more real for you. In 1991, in the first year of the decade of harvest, a major denomination in the U.S. was able to obtain 294,000 decisions for Christ. That is, in one year, this major denomination of 11,500 churches was able to obtain 294,000 decisions for Christ. Unfortunately, they could only find 14,000 in fellowship, which means they couldn’t account for 280,000 of their decisions, and this is normal, modern evangelical results, and something I discovered way back in the late seventies; it greatly concerned me. I began to study the book of Romans intently and, specifically, the gospel proclamation of men like Spurgeon, Wesley, Moody, Finney, Whitfield, Luther, and others that God used down through the ages, and I found they used a principle which is almost entirely neglected by modern evangelical methods. I began teaching that principle; I was eventually invited to base our ministry in southern California, the city of Bellflower, specifically to bring this teaching to the church of the U.S. Things were quiet for the first three years, until I received a call from Bill Gothard, who had seen the teaching on video. He flew me to San Jose in northern California; I shared it with a thousand pastors. Then in 1992 he screened that video to 30,000 pastors. The same year David Wilkerson called from New York. He called from his car. (He had been listening to the teaching in his car and called me on his car phone.) Immediately, he flew me 3,000 miles from L.A. to New York to share the one-hour teaching with his church; he considered it to be that important. And recently I heard of a pastor who had listened to the audio tape 250 times. [pullquote]I’d be happy if you’d listen just once to this teaching which is called “Hell’s Best Kept Secret.”[/pullquote] Continued here…


5 responses to “Open Air Preaching: Can I Get a Segway For Ray Comfort?

  1. Mathieu December 28, 2010 at 18:20

    I found this message about a year and a half ago and haven’t looked back.This is an amazing teaching message. I found it searching the internet for answers, and boy did I find them. This message has changed the way I see things, in a dramatic way. For instance, I now have a greater understanding of the True gospel and a even greater desire to share it. Thanks for posting. God bless

  2. Not For Itching Ears - Jim December 29, 2010 at 03:04


    Thank you for sharing this with us. I took time to read through the message and am glad I did. People do not appreciate the Good News until they understand how serious the bad news is. Period. It is true. Today’s gospel is by and large a message of “Life Enhancement.” Therein lies the problem. We can “enhance” our lives a variety of ways. We do not NEED Jesus Christ to be better parents or to be happy or even to be succesful in any endeavor. But we do need a Savior, every single one of us.

    Lord, raise up men who will lead us down the ancient path! Please, send them!

  3. Ray Comfort September 4, 2012 at 02:59

    “Maybe I should get him a Segway for open airpreaching”. I’d like that…

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