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A Young Man (No, Not Steve Furtick) Takes on Paul Washer: But I Don’t Understand Election.

Its good to see young men asking profound theological questions and not just follow the entertainment band wagon that most churches and sunday schools adopt to kill time on sundays. A great clip of a young man asking interesting questions:

Many argue that a deep theological understanding gravitates Christians away from Christ. Don’t study too much, as it were. But this argument presupposes that more studying will find things that the person doesn’t like, effectively smashing the ideas they’ve created in their mind about how God should be. In effect, the opposite is true. For those who are called, more study and understanding leads us to more worship of the true God and more facets of Him to adore. ~Andrew Taylor (via Facebook)


2 responses to “A Young Man (No, Not Steve Furtick) Takes on Paul Washer: But I Don’t Understand Election.

  1. Scripture Zealot August 21, 2011 at 19:35

    One question: When I was told about God, Jesus and Mary by my mom, I immediately liked them and often talked to God as a kid. I wasn’t a Christian, but I didn’t hate God, as far as I know. I believe I’m depraved, but I can’t say I hated God. How do I reconcile that?

    • Michael Acidri August 21, 2011 at 19:44

      We may never know the extent and depth of the Father’s grace in drawing us or pursuing us. By His grace He may have kept alot of evil from having prevailing influence over you in your childhood by giving you a mum who was “religious”.

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