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Why God Allows Evil Doers To Have Their Fling.

Ever wondered why evil men and regimes seem to prosper…

I believe that God allows the evil and the evildoers to have their fling; He allows them rope, licence, as it were, in order to make their overthrow more complete and sure. Biblical history is really an exposition of this principle. God seems to be asleep and the enemy rises. He blasphemes the name of God. Think of it in the case of Assyria. … They inflated themselves almost to the heavens … Then God suddenly pricked the bubble and the whole empire collapsed. ~Martyn Lloyd-Jones

2 responses to “Why God Allows Evil Doers To Have Their Fling.

  1. brie August 26, 2011 at 15:37

    It is very disappointing in a way to see those that wrong you or just do wring prosper while those that are faithfully good people suffer. I never wish harm on anyone but it makes one wonder and sometimes question God. I’ve been through horrible things w/ex husband and he seems to be so happy w/no conscious or remorse whole I’m trying to rebuild my life and our daughters life. I continue to pray for peace, guidance, forgiveness and strength but it seems as if god does not heat me, but i will continue to pray

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