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The Chopping Block: Hip Hop Artists Grappling with Reformed Theology.

Lamp Mode Recordings  is an independently owned and operated recording label based out of Philadelphia, PA. In its recent talk show (The Chopping block) Json, Stephen the Levite, Hazakim and Shai Linne step up to discuss “Reformed Theology” Listen in…

Lamp Mode Recordings appears to be more theologically driven than entertainment bent. Their mission statement reads:

Highlighting the Character of God, while presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ and a biblical world view through hiphop culture…We are not influenced by the radio. We are not influenced by “what’s hot”. We are not influenced by marketing schemes. We understand that the LORD made us in our unique ways and if we allow it, His grace and mercy can shine through us in unique ways, all the time painting a more clear picture of His Character.

Good to see Reformed Theology being discussed by Hip Hop musicians. Nice!


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