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Church Told to Go Away! You are too Calvinist for Kentucky Baptist Association!

Conservative Christian values are very despised these days in Evangelical circles.  Its no wonder that anything passes for Christianity these days. Its not uncommon to see pets taking Holy Communion, motor cycles being ridden in the sanctuary instead of preaching, essential doctrines being challenged (like the doctrine of Hell), re-introduction of ancient heresies (like modalism) and the list goes on. It therefore didn’t come as a surprise when I heard that

A Kentucky Baptist association denied membership to a church after a credentials committee found its confessional statement too Calvinistic, according to a report in the Western Recorder.

Daviess-McLean Baptist Association voted 104-9 to deny membership to Pleasant Valley Community Church in Owensboro during its annual meeting held Oct. 17-18, the Kentucky Baptist Convention news journal reported in its Oct. 25 issue.

“Our concern in the initial stages of our investigation revolved around the fact that Pleasant Valley Community Church’s confessional statement is one that (is) Calvinistic in nature,” the newspaper quoted from a recommendation by the association’s credentials committee. “It affirms the doctrine of election and grace.”

“While we know the doctrine is not heresy, we do recognize that it is vastly different than the majority of churches within the DMBA,” the statement noted.

Pleasant Valley Community Church’s 60-page confession of faith affirms: “From before the foundation of the world, in order to display His glory, God freely and unchangeably ordained all things that would come to pass. From the casting of the lot, to the bird falling from the sky, to the activities of the nations, to the plans of politicians, to the secret acts of individuals, to what will happen to us tomorrow, to scheduling the very day that we will die, God has written our stories and the stories of the entire universe.”

That includes “the results of His plan of salvation as set forth in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

“We believe that God’s election is unconditional — from Old Testament Israel to individual sinners,” the statement says. “That is, from before the foundation of the world, God chose in His grace to save for Himself an elect people through Jesus Christ. God’s choice of His elect was in no way affected, or conditioned by, some merit or deed that He foresaw these individuals would possess. Neither (as many argue) did God make His choice based upon those whom He foresaw ‘would’ have chosen Him of their own will and accord.”

Well it’s probably a blessing in disguise that Kentucky Baptist Association outlined it’s stand and  emphasized that they do not ascribe to the same beliefs as Pleasant Valley Community Church. With the little church being thrown out of the camp at least they are now free to associate with other churches of  similar Calvinistic thought.

(Not that it is necessarily the case here) With conservative thought being pushed out of main  stream Evangelical associations the flood banks of liberalism seem to be washing away all distinction of biblical theology and sound doctrine in many camps. Inclusiveness, universalism and post modernism are becoming the general mantra in most so called liberal Evangelical camps.

No wonder there is a false sense of well-being, achievement and prosperity. When asked about the state of faith and Christianity in America recently, the pastor of America’s largest church Joel Osteen beamed broadly and gladly announced, “I see faith in America at an all time high.”

Yup, I died after I heard that.


3 responses to “Church Told to Go Away! You are too Calvinist for Kentucky Baptist Association!

  1. Committed Christian October 28, 2011 at 18:11

    It is a shame that such a thing could happen especially if the church could affirm the denomination’s statement of faith, although believe in election.

  2. Born4Battle October 28, 2011 at 21:50

    At least the DMBA lais its cards on the table. 104-9?????

  3. Craig Benno October 28, 2011 at 21:51

    I think some churches are more Calvinistic then what Calvin is. I am guessing that their doctrine is the more extreme version of Calvinism that binds them to the “Reformed / Presbyterian Church” more so than it does to the Baptist church.

    Within Australia these type of churches call themselves independent Baptist churches and are distinct from the mainstream Baptist union and in reality want nothing to do with the other.

    While they seem to be making the doctrine of election the issue here, I think it runs deeper and I for one would like to see their stance in regards to women in the church…I imagine their stance would be extreme for Baptist circles.

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