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Paula White wrapped in Torah scroll too by Rabbi Messer.

Rabbi Ralph Messer who crowned Bishop Eddie Long as king in a bizarre ceremony (where he wrapped him in a gawdy scroll in his church) apparently has been doing his antics for a while.

A video showing minister Paula White being wrapped in a Torah scroll by controversial rabbi and television personality Ralph Messer has emerged only days after White’s attorney denied the pastor’s endorsement of Messer following a “coronation” ceremony involving Bishop Eddie Long.

The ceremonial wrapping seen in the 2009 video (shown above) of Messer on White’s program, “Paula Today,” is almost identical to Messer’s wrapping of Long during a recent sermon at the minister’s New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, Ga., as seen in a video clip that has gone viral on YouTube since its posting on the Internet last week.

For any one who is watching these mystic ceremonies and thinking they are “Christian” I am deeply sorry and I apologise. These teachers have just been carried away by their very colorful imaginations and have fallen into deep self delusion.

Sob! 😦


One response to “Paula White wrapped in Torah scroll too by Rabbi Messer.

  1. Mark February 7, 2012 at 23:31

    LOL! That’s just hilarious. It shows the Hypocrisy and the would-be pandering to ancient Jewish traditions. Now I have no problem with those who desire or feel compelled to celebrate the Biblical feasts…but there has been a shift of focus from Jesus Christ to man made religious rituals. This should not be the case!

    My guess is that at some point there will be some animal sacrifices on Paul’s show for sake of re-instituting temple sacrifices. God forbid!

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