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The new Euthanasia roller coaster is a disgrace which ever way you ride it.

Ever used words together that will not (and should never) fit? Try humane, dignity and euthanasia. Well…

An engineer has come up with macabre rollercoaster concept where passengers are thrilled and then ‘killed’.

The chilling Euthanasia Coaster is a theoretical machine engineered to ‘humanely, with elegance and euphoria, take the life of a human being’.

It is designed to subject the rider to a series of unique experiences from euphoria to thrill and from tunnel vision to loss of consciousness…

‘Celebrating the limits of the human body but also the liberation from the horizontal life, this ‘kinetic sculpture’ is in fact the ultimate roller coaster.’

Julijonas’ design is inspired by the words of John Allen, the former president of the famous ride maker, Philadelphia Toboggan Company.

Allen once said: ‘The ultimate roller coaster is built when you send out twenty-four people and they all come back dead.’

However, the surreal concept has been criticised by a leading anti-euthanasia organisation which sees the ‘imaginative’ coaster as something which could be easily abused.

Don’t even try using ‘humane’ with ‘euthanasia’ interlaced with ‘roller coaster ride’. All life is sacred and belongs to the giver of life alone. Who are we to play God with this contraption of a death-trap-suicide device?

Not humane. Not elegant. Not euphoric for it. A disgrace to humanity. Period.


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