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A day in the life of a missionary in rural Africa.

I have lately been searching for Reformed and conservative missionary groups in Africa more especially Uganda. On the surface Uganda just like many other third world countries struggles with many issues theological and otherwise. Christianity in Africa as they say is “a mile wide but an inch deep”. I am deeply grateful for the few laborers going into the field and faithfully preaching the gospel and discipling new believers. Today I will feature a simple letter (blog post ) written a little while ago. It is written by James Huckabee  a missionary from America to rural Western Uganda.

Greetings! I thought I’d send a brief letter and let you see the latest construction out at the Juru church. They have put the roof on the pole building, and we had our first service at the new location yesterday. Thank you to the church that sent us money for the construction. This is what your money built:

We had a great service. The morale of the church is greatly improved. I know it wasn’t terribly comfortable meeting in the old place, which had mud walls and a tarp roof (’til some lowlife stole it). It was wet in there when it rained, and hot in the sun. This new building is dry and cool. There’s always a nice breeze.

As you can see, they are constructing the walls now. Once they are complete, they pour the floor and plaster the walls. Final phase, we get some windows made and some doors and attach them, then paint. It will make it much easier to teach and preach, and give the children a good place to meet for VBS. It’s a great blessing.

God bless and keep you

Pray that the Lord of the harvest may send more laborers for the fields are indeed ready for harvest. (For more missionary stories from Uganda see here.)


2 responses to “A day in the life of a missionary in rural Africa.

  1. Jacob Lee June 1, 2012 at 13:01

    Thank you for highlighting Uganda! We are doing a work in North Uganda, South Sudan, and Northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo. We are hoping also to work in (North) Sudan…your prayers would be greatly appreciated…thank you!

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