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Financial Break Through Bible Causes a Stir!

If you are into prosperity gospel, you will probably be happy that the “Financial Breakthrough Spiritual Warefare Bible” by Morris Cerullo is available at the small price of $200. No kidding. However I realise only two people have made comments about it on the Amazon website. I find the comments rather interesting. One enchanted buyer was glad to say:


My mother absolutely loved this Bible, but she lost it one day. She was so upset that I rushed to Amazon to see if I could replace it. I found the same version she had with the leather cover and it was a good price, so I bought it. It shipped quickly and she was impressed with the condition of the item. No complaints here.

However another customer called Kaylee was rather not amused and wasted no time in pointing out that:

I would not give 2 cents for any of his books, let alone his bibles. The man is a HERETIC and a SWINDLER. Save your money.

Oh by the way Morris Cerullo has started recruiting for a “Joel’s army”. A team of immortals who will bring judgement on the ungodly (the ungodly being those who oppose them). And you can buy some more religious junk and junta paraphernalia

from his exclusive store before stock runs out!
This guy is just making merchandise of people’s souls. Clouds with out rain are what all false teachers are and they will run you dry financially, emotionally and spiritually while they leave you climbing to “heaven” on a rope of sand.
Yup, Kaylee save your money seems to be the best advice. I wish some one had given me that advice those days when I was sending my money to be enlisted in “Joel’s army”. Thank you God for opening my eyes to my own sin and letting me know that it’s only through repentance and faith in the completed work of Christ on the cross that we are adopted into your family.


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