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Is Christian Radio still Christian?

You must have asked yourself this question a couple of times.


20120701-204616.jpgIs Christian Radio still Christian? That may sound like a silly question but bear with me for a few minutes. We have a Christian radio station in our area that is unlike anything I have ever heard.

Traditionally, Christian radio is where music, both contemporary and traditional, honors God and preachers speak from Bible passages. The on-air personalities talk about many subjects but these subjects always honor God and show how He is sovereign in life’s events.

We have a station in our area that is young and hip. It is called **** FM. They play hard edged rock style music that has some sort of spiritual message to it. Some songs are better than others at calling God or Jesus’ name. Usually no name is mentioned just attributes.

Another thing I noticed is the music is so style heavy that it is difficult to understand the words. I had to work very hard to even determine the words to many sings in order to attempt to perceive a message.

Now, before you write me off as some old geezer, I grew up listening to Styx, Kiss, Boston, Kansas, and others. I appreciate musicianship and lyricism. It is hard to determine the lyrics to most rock music as well. I do not have a problem with Christian music that has a beat and modern style when played on the radio.

Teens like music with a beat and that seems fine. My issue is this. The radio station has no talk whatsoever about God, His attributes, or His word. I have listened during the morning and the afternoon. I heard God’s name mentioned once and I do not believe I have heard Jesus’ name at all by the on-air people.

The time they mentioned God, it was not in the best of situations. Someone had mentioned the Bible is a less than respectful way and the other personality said, “God does not call us to have a relationship with the Bible, He wants us to have a relationship with Himself.” Ok, so God wants us to have a relationship with Himself. How do we even know about God unless the Bible is what we use for revelation?

Why should someone show disdain for God’s word and claim to have a relationship with Him? The chit chat on the station is very sterile. There is no cursing or course jesting. It is just idle chatter about clothes, TV shows, social outings, and so forth. Is this Christian?

They say on the radio that the message is in the music. However, there is not much if any message in most of the songs they play. (Some songs are great in sound and message but most are forgettable) Since when did having a party for God and ignoring His presence and attributes become ‘Christian’.

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One response to “Is Christian Radio still Christian?

  1. pillscoffeeheresy July 4, 2012 at 11:54

    sounds like christian radio is reflecting most christians 😉

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