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Is Christian Radio still Christian?

You must have asked yourself this question a couple of times.


20120701-204616.jpgIs Christian Radio still Christian? That may sound like a silly question but bear with me for a few minutes. We have a Christian radio station in our area that is unlike anything I have ever heard.

Traditionally, Christian radio is where music, both contemporary and traditional, honors God and preachers speak from Bible passages. The on-air personalities talk about many subjects but these subjects always honor God and show how He is sovereign in life’s events.

We have a station in our area that is young and hip. It is called **** FM. They play hard edged rock style music that has some sort of spiritual message to it. Some songs are better than others at calling God or Jesus’ name. Usually no name is mentioned just attributes.

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Becky the golden calf of Christian Radio

Matt Papa has an interesting article on Contemporary Christian Music (CCM). It begins with a a person, a golden target audience prototype…

Meet Becky: She’s a 38 year old soccer-mom with 3 kids.  She drives a mini-van, because if she didn’t, well where would she put all the crayons and goldfish?  She is a loving wife and mother and is actively involved at her church.  She lives in the suburbs but volunteers at the local food pantry.  Becky is pretty awesome.  And one more important detail about Becky…..she listens to christian radio exclusively.  Yep, that’s right.  And you actually already know her.

Becky isn’t one person of course…she is the prototype target audience created by the christian music industry for christian radio.  True story.  She’s been around about 6 or 7 years now.  Christian radio demographic research discovered that “Becky” is the one who is listening, so “Becky” is the audience they relentlessly target.  So here’s what happens: …Read More!

What Really Happened to Reverential Worship in Church?

Just a thought about the Holiness of God ….

The modern movement of worship is designed to break down barriers between man and God, to remove the veil, as it were, from the fearsome holiness of God, which might cause us to tremble. It is designed to make us feel comfortable. ~R.C Sproul

Your Guide to Contemporary Christian Music

By Dale Peterson, The Wittenburg Door For Full Article.

Christian music guide

Thank you for choosing to worship with us today. If you are from a church that uses traditional hymns, you may be confused. Please take a moment to read through this guide to contemporary Christian music.

In our church you will not hear “How Great Thou Art,” “Wonderful Grace of Jesus,” or “Like a River Glorious.” (Generally, hymns that have words like “Thou” are not used. They are too archaic and are normally replaced by words

like “awesome” and “miry clay”). Yes, okay, we may do “Amazing Grace” or “Peace Like a River” at some point, but as a general rule we avoid songs with too many different verses or those that can’t be played easily on guitar and drums.

If you are new to worship here, you may wish to know the reasons for this. One is that deep theological concepts do not belong in contemporary Christian worship. We frown on songs that change more than one or two words for each verse. For example, our version of “Holy is the Lord” consists of repeating that phrase six times per verse and then changing

“Holy” to “Worthy,” “Mighty,” “Jesus” and finally changing “the” to “my.” Isn’t that much simpler to sing and easier to remember? Read More