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God does not settle His accounts in October.


There is a general complacency in the world today. Scoffers laugh at Christians and their message of “repentance for the day of the Lord is nigh”. The zeal of some has waned and they have eased into slumber and a malaise. There is little regard for the things of God in popular circles. I am reminded of this story…

Did you hear about the farmer who agreed to a contest with his neighbor, an atheist? The atheist said, “Tell you what. You plant your crops and work your field 6 days a week, taking Sundays off to worship God. I’ll work my field 7 days a week and in the fall we’ll see who has the biggest crop.” When October came and the crops were gathered in, the atheist dropped by to see the results. Sure enough, his harvest was larger than the Christian’s. “What do you say now?” he sneered. The Christian replied, “God doesn’t settle all His accounts in October.”

That good old day is coming when the Just Judge and Holy God will settle all accounts surely. Are we ready?


One response to “God does not settle His accounts in October.

  1. Linda September 18, 2012 at 20:01

    Even as Christians, we are drawn to our life here — seems as though trials & tribulations serve a greater purpose than we might realize. Through them, we tend to look upward and eschew this temporal abode. May we shift our focus before that Day.

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