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To catch fish, you must think like ’em!

A purpose driven idea


If you’re going to be good at fishing, you’ve got to learn to think like a fish. If you’re going to be an effective fisher of men, you’ve got to think like a lost person. Here’s the problem. Unfortunately, the longer you are a Christian, the less you think like an unbeliever…To catch fish, you’ve got to know their habits, their preferences, and their feeding patterns. Certain fish like smooth water. Others are bottom crawlers. Some like rushing water. Others hide under rocks. You’ve got to know what the fish you’re trying to reach like to do. If you’re going to understand and reach non-Christians, you’ve got to begin with their mindset.-Rick Warren

Still scratching my head till I can get my hair cut straight enough to become hip and “relevant”. I think I will reach there next year! Trying!!


One response to “To catch fish, you must think like ’em!

  1. Bill October 18, 2012 at 17:42

    You don’t have to get into pigpen to tell a pig how to get out! While Jesus mixed with sinners, dined with sinners, He never acquiesced His Own Message of Repentance and Salvation, rather requiring them to worship the Father, and obey Him and do His Will.

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